By Eric Renner Brown
November 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
Sandy Carson

Whiskey Shivers, the Austin bluegrass quintet who brought us this twisted Human Centipede-inspired video, have returned. The clip, for the band’s new song “Free,” merges the aesthetics of retro educational films and The Jetsons to tell the story of a perfect bluegrass band synthesized by genetic scientists in a dystopian future. Whiskey Shivers is that band.

The video serves as meta-commentary on the shaggy, flannel-wearing, banjo-strumming dudes people associate with the genre. “Fact! Testosterone is inversely proportional to cleanliness,” written text explains at one point.

“The concept of this video mostly came out of me wanting to paint the band into a series of ridiculous images since their personalities seem to exist in so many dimensions,” said director Rob Wadleigh, citing the BBC’s Look Around You as an inspiration.

Watch the video below.