Credit: Evan Vucci/AP

The Associated Press has released a previously unaired portion of a Nov. 6 interview in which the interviewer asks Bill Cosby about the rape allegations made against him.

The AP spoke to Cosby and his wife, Camille, in a joint interview for an art exhibit at the Smithsonian from the couple’s personal collection. During the interview, AP reporter Brett Zongker asked Cosby about the rape allegations, as well as comedian Hannibal Burress’ stand-up routine that addressed Cosby’s allegations of sexual assault. Cosby replied, “No, no. We don’t answer that.”

“I would appreciate it if it was scuttled,” Cosby said.

The unaired footage comes as several women have come forward with serious rape allegations against Cosby. This week, Janice Dickinson, came forward and said she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in the ’80s. On Tuesday night, journalist and publicist Joan Tarshis spoke to CNN about being allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby when she was 19.

“There’s no response,” Cosby said in the AP footage. “There is no comment about that. And I’ll tell you why. I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

The video also comes out in light of NBC and Netflix’s decisions to postpone their respective Cosby projects. NBC had a Cosby-starring family sitcom in development, and Netflix was planning to stream Bill Cosby 77, a Cosby stand-up special.

In other Cosby news, People reports that another victim has come forward, Therese Serignese. She was previously known as Jane Doe No. 10 in a deposition for a 2006 civil suit against Cosby brought by another woman. The suit was later settled out of court.