Taylor Swift and Spotify might be broken up, but the music streaming service has already moved on—to Uber.

Spotify and Uber partnered together so riders can decide what music’s on the stereo when they get in their Uber. All they have to do is connect to their Spotify account in the Uber app and then choose a song to queue up while they’re waiting; once they get in the car, the chosen song will start playing.

Uber will provide some playlists catered to whatever city you’re in if you don’t want to choose from your own library—but if you’re in a feistier mood, here are a couple playlists about the length of a typical Uber ride that are sure to make your driver feel either really uncomfortable or really annoyed. (Note: Be otherwise nice to your drivers.)

A playlist of overtly sexual songs:

An obnoxious playlist of driving-related songs: