Natalie Dormer
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

No one in Westeros is safe from George R.R. Martin’s keyboard, so it only makes sense for the actors on Game of Thrones to prepare themselves for, if not an inevitable, than a likely death.

For the spoiler-phobic of any news about season five of HBO’s epic, it’s best to turn back now.

Appearing on Conan on Nov. 17, Natalie Dormer discussed just how she’d like to see her character Margaery Tyrell go out. Having just wrapped filming season five, it’s a safe bet Dormer returns in season six—she says they’ve reached the end of Margaery’s story in the books, so she’s “entering into the fraternity of ‘what the f—‘s going to happen to me now?'”

But if Margaery were meet her end on the show, how would Dormer like to go? She rules out poison or beheading, the latter a scenario she already dealt with on The Tudors. The Hunger Games actress had a few options in mind, however.

“Whitewalker or dragon might be good,” Dormer said, immediately bumping up the CGI bill for whatever season in which Margaery has to go out. But Conan O’Brien notched the possible scenario up by a few degrees of insanity.

“A dragon dropping you into a volcano,” O’Brien said. “As you’re falling, a car hits you.”

While that certainly would be dramatic, there’s a good chance fans might be too concerned with how a car appeared in Westeros to notice Margaery dying.


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