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For Parenthood‘s Sarah Braverman, finding the right guy hasn’t been easy. First, there was Seth, Drew and Amber’s absentee father who left Sarah alone to raise their kids. And after Seth, there were really only two other serious relationships for Sarah: Mark, and now, Hank.

Parenthood fans know both of them well. Sarah was engaged to Mark before eventually choosing Hank. But now that she and Hank are back together—and dealing with life with Hank’s daughter, Ruby—what will Mark’s return mean for the couple?

We’ve got an exclusive look at Jason Ritter’s appearance in this week’s episode, with a logline that promises “Hank is thrilled to see Ruby excited about her school play, but an unexpected encounter with Mark Cyr rocks the boat.”

Also, happening this week: Tension between Dylan and Max “reaches a fever pitch” as if it hasn’t already; Kristina and Adam face some sort of “conflict”; and Zeek recruits Drew for another secret mission.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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