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Natalie Dormer has had a busy few years in Hollywood—including playing Cressida in The Hunger Games, Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, Moriarty on Elementary— and with that comes plenty of stories to tell. In a Reddit AMA on Monday, she regaled her fans with some of them, and even outed one of her Game of Thrones co-stars as a major diva.

Here’s what she revealed:

1. Ser Pounce isn’t all he’s cracked up to be: The true star of Game of Thrones season four, Ser Pounce, made only one appearance last season, but he apparently caused a lot of trouble in the process.

“Actually, Ser Pounce was a bit of a diva that day,” Dormer wrote. “He didn’t want to stay on the bed, he was very difficult to work with.”

2. A Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead crossover? In the events of a zombie apocalypse, Dormer has a solid group of four other Thrones castmates to help defend against the hordes of the undead.

Her choices? Pedro Pascal as the Red Viper, Rory McCann as the Hound, Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister. Though she wouldn’t mind some help from Norman Reedus as well.

3. She’s not always smirking: The actress has been aware of the many comments—including several in the AMA—about why she seems to almost always be smirking. But the thing is, she isn’t.

“I have an asymmetrical mouth,” Dormer explained. “I have a naturally crooked smile. People call it a smirk, but it’s not, it’s just my natural smile with my lips closed. If you could quote me verbatim, I’d appreciate that…”

She also mentioned her sister has it as well, so it’s likely a subject to put to rest, especially when there are much more important questions to ask, like her food preferences…

4. Who wins in the Game of Craft Services? When asked the all-important question of who had better food, The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones, Dormer split the difference. The Thrones set had the best fake food—the delicacies used while filming the show—but The Hunger Games set won for its craft services.

“If you’re looking for Natalie Dormer she’ll be standing by the craft table next to Jennifer Lawrence,” she said.

5. Natalie Dormer loves cheese. No, she really loves cheese. The topic popped up in a number of questions and answers, including one in which the actress said she could easily talk cheese for another 10 minutes. She listed only one cheese she cant do—bleu—but had plenty of favorites to offset it.

“Manchego! I love feta! I love goat cheese! I love mature chedda! I also love Wensleydale, I have no idea how you spell Wensleydale … Brie, I love brie, melted brie. Burrata! God I love a Burrata.”

6. The Cressida-Margaery connection: While Dormer’s two most recent prominent roles, Cressida and Margaery, may seem quite different, the actress sees a clear personality trait uniting the two.

“Cressida’s out there in the field, whereas everything Margaery does is sitting around behind closed doors,” she said, speaking to their differences before transitioning into their devious similarity. “They’re both very PR-savvy, that’s what they have in common, they both know how to manipulate hearts & minds.”

7. Who smells the best on the Game of Thrones set? While it’s amazing that anyone can smell halfway decent when the HBO epic shoots in so many grimy outdoor locations, apparently Nikolaj Coster-Waldau smells like “musky spicey woody gorgeousness.” Perhaps Game of Thrones may want to dip into the perfume business with stars smelling like that.

Dormer answered many more questions in her AMA, including offering some thoughts on Hunger Games/Game of Thrones crossover what-ifs, and her love of different exercises—which are likely helpful in combating her affection for cheese.

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