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Updated November 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
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How was The Little Mermaid able to revitalize Disney’s animated feature game nearly single finned-ly? Thank its spunky, modern mermaid princess protagonist—and, just as importantly, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s indelible slate of songs, which is pretty much the definition of “all killer, no filler.”

But as much as EW loves (nearly) every one of the soundtrack’s tunes, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to argue about which one is the best of the best. After much debate, here’s what Esther Zuckerman, Marc Snetiker, and Hillary Busis agreed upon:

8. “Fathoms Below”

“Fathoms Below” is an easy song to skip on the soundtrack because it appears first—and skip it we did. Most of us didn’t come to The Little Mermaid to hear deep-voiced men sing about the sea. (We came to hear mermaids and crabs, duh.) “Fathoms Below” does have a purpose, but it’s ultimately just more transitional than the movie’s classics—and it lacks their wit and ingenuity.

The Little Mermaid

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