November 14, 2014 at 09:46 PM EST

Andy Cohen has made an art (and a game) out of enticing some of late-night history’s most eclectic guest combinations to spill the tea, and the show is celebrating those feats on Nov. 16 with Watch What Happens Live: Secrets Revealed.

One of the show’s biggest gossip sources has been its long-running “Plead the Fifth” segment, in which celebrities from Cher to Shaq, Lindsay Lohan to Mike Tyson are confronted with three questions that have been tailored to get lips wagging and cheeks blushing. Rules dictate the celebrity can opt out of only one question—though many stars (including Meryl Streep and Daniel Radcliffe) have gone the full Andy and answered all three.

EW asked Cohen to personally curate a list of the five juiciest, most revealing Plead the Fifth answers from the series’ five-year run. Below that, an exclusive clip from Sunday’s special giving the lowdown on one of WWHL‘s sauciest guest duos ever.

Shaquille O’Neal talks about the size of his…

Cameron Diaz dips her toe in…

Lindsay Lohan and that leaked list…

Susan Sarandon is smokin’!

Nick Lachey does not miss family dinners with ex-in-law Joe Simpson

EXCLUSIVE: So what’s the one thing the WWHL Clubhouse has that inspires so many guests to reveal their Secrets?


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