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What’s coming up when The Blacklist returns? — Brandon

It actually looks like Red does not have the Fulcrum, but he will set his sights on getting it. Unfortunately, so will another Blacklister. But in the process, Red will be forced to risk his life to protect Liz, who you may be surprised to hear might have a connection to the Fulcrum.

What’s the state of Lisbon and Jane’s relationship when The Mentalist returns? — Jessie

They’re actually doing very well, like exchanging keys well. Though Lisbon isn’t quite ready to discuss their new relationship at work, it’s not long before someone gets suspicious. Also, you haven’t seen the last of Pedro Pascal’s Pike, who gives Jane pause when it comes to his future with Lisbon.

Please tell me we’ll get more scenes between Amelia and Owen on Grey’s Anatomy! — Ophelia

It sounds like we’ll get the first spark between Amelia and Owen next week when they have a “nice moment of understanding” after Amelia wants to address her sobriety more directly with Owen in the wake of what happened during Thursday s episode. “She expects him to be hard on her about what went down, but he knows what it’s like to live with demons,” Caterina Scorsone says. “He is surprisingly sensitive to what she’s been through and what she’s going through. That takes her back a little bit.” So, what’s the ‘shipper name?

Anything Originals? — Fortune

We all know there’s going to be a family reunion in the holiday episode—complete with the return of Rebekah!—but you may be surprised to hear that, for once, it’s actually a pretty happy, drama-free reunion. … Okay, it’s drama-free for a little bit, until one of the Mikaelsons does something to dampen the mood.

Is Bonnie really fired on How to Get Away with Murder? — Blake

Yes, but she won’t be away from the firm for long. In fact, we’ll see her back in the winter finale, though the dynamic between Annalise and her protégé has definitely changed. “She desperately wants to be Annalise’s person, but it’s not the same,” Liza Weil says. But her initial firing does lead to that surprising hookup with Doucheface. “Getting fired is a trigger,” she adds. “Where she goes from there definitely informs how she ended up with Asher.”

I know Marry Me isn’t really Happy Endings, but I still feel like I’m watching Penny every week. — Stalia

I know how you feel, and you’ll get a taste of that Penny charm when she oversteps by promising an extravagant feast for Thanksgiving, much to the disappointment of Jake’s mom, who doesn’t handle the couple wanting to host their first Turkey Day very well. She expects Annie to fail, and she will. Seriously.

Any scoop on the two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time? — Farah

Remember the Snow Queen’s yellow ribbons? You should definitely be worried about them because they’ll come back into play in a very major way. (Hint: I may have spotted certain people wearing them while I was on set.)

I’m so excited Lee Pace is going to appear on The Mindy Project. Do you have any scoop on his character? — Vera

Danny might find some competition when Mindy runs into the guy (Lee Pace) she lost her virginity to, who now happens to be rich, famous, and still pining after Dr. L. Funnily enough, this is also the same episode that Danny must play along when Morgan confesses to sleeping with Mindy.

Please give this Karmy fan some hope for Faking It. Will Karma ever forgive Amy? — Kim

It’s not looking good. In a bid to actually get her BFF to talk, Amy punches a cop, landing them in jail, where Karma will make it very clear that she hates Amy. Sniff. She’ll even give her an ultimatum that could see Amy transferring schools. I can guarantee that at least one person will be leaving Hester High by season’s end.

Has Henry ever run into anyone he knew decades later on Forever? — Bronte

We’ll actually see that in an upcoming episode during a flashback to the late ’50s when Henry runs into someone who saw him die on the beach in Normandy. Whoops.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Yes, everyone is rightly excited about the Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek writers’ room reunions at ATX Television Festival next year, but I’ll be the first in line for the Journeyman reunion!

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