By Teresa Jue
Updated November 14, 2014 at 03:04 PM EST

Lil Wayne dropped a new track today, and to say it’s profane is probably an understatement.

The song is largely par for the course, in that it joins the already existing genre of Lil Wayne songs that make analogies between desserts and sex. The rapper paired up with another rapper, Flow, to add in a few verses on oral sex and OFF! bug spray, and yes, Lil Wayne pulls a When Harry Met Sally diner scene moment into the verse in there. (This kind of slurp-happy track is makes up a hefty portion of Lil Wayne’s oeuvre, however, so it’s past the time to be shocked at this point.)

Take a listen, to the NSFL (not-safe-for-life) song, which somehow manages to desecrate the triumvirate of Minnie Mouse, cheesecake, and Lent.