By Jonathon Dornbush
November 14, 2014 at 02:52 PM EST
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

As more and more Aaron Sorkin parody sketches have been made, we’ve come to expect less and less of them. So how does Seth Meyers go about poking fun at The West Wing creator? By making the sketch about making a Sorkin parody.

On Thursday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Aaron Sorkin appeared on the show as a guest. His arrival caused quite the stir in the halls around Studio 8G, and it suddenly made everyone on staff suddenly much more eloquent as they try to determine what will work in a new Sorkin parody.

At least they don’t go with the idea to parody The West Wing with a sketch about airplanes that only have west wings.

The sketch is full of Sorkinisms, including lofty speeches from low-level employees, rapid ping-pong dialogue, and romantic interruptions that have nothing to do with the current situation.

Meyers and his staff also point out previous Sorkin parodies, including Amy Schumer’s fantastic “The Foodroom,” which guest starred Sports Night‘s Josh Charles, and 30 Rock‘s cameo appearance from Sorkin himself.

Sorkin shows up in Meyers’ sketch as well—in a scene that looks almost exactly like his cameo in The Social Network—to say he would rather just do the interview, though his suggestion comes a little too late.

Meyers did indeed interview Sorkin after the sketch, and discussed the one piece of work Sorkin would love to rewrite—though he’s open to redoing just about anything he’s written. His answer? A Few Good Men, which Sorkin says he is indeed talking to NBC about doing. This would firm up recent reports about NBC’s interest in doing a live rendition of the play, and barring Peter Pan Live! bombing, there’s a good chance Sorkin may get his wish.

Sorkin also appeared on Today on Thursday morning, where he apologized to Mark Zuckerberg for having hurt his feelings with The Social Network, though he still stood by his work. He also addressed his recent statements about quitting TV, and, in unsurprising fashion, left the door open in case he decides to return.