Credit: Courtesy of Telltale Games

Telltale Games is a busy studio. While hard at work on a Game of Thrones title, the game developer is also taking on a much more light-hearted franchise–Borderlands.

The company is putting its story-first gameplay mentality to good use in Tales from the Borderlands, the latest entry in the franchise created by Gearbox Software. The series is already known for its irreverent humor and impossibly high number of firearms, but Telltale is taking the shooting franchise in a more narratively focused direction.

Set after Borderlands 2Tales puts players in control of Rhys (voiced by Troy Baker) and Fiona (voiced by Laura Bailey), two unintentional partners in a scheme to retrieve stolen money they both think is theirs. Rhys works for the evil Hyperion corporation and hopes to become the next Handsome Jack–the villain of Borderlands 2–while Fiona is a con artist on the planet of Pandora.

Dameon Clarke, Chris Hardwick, Erin Yvette, and Patrick Warburton are also among the game's cast.

Watch the trailer above to see a peek at what Tales from the Borderlands will look like in action, and to learn how things will start off when the first episode, "Zer0 Sum" releases later this year.

"Sum" will be the first in a five-episode series that hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PCs, and Macs, as well as iOS and Android devices. So there's a good chance just about any Borderlands fan will be able to dive into latest Pandorian adventure.

Credit: Courtesy of Telltale Games
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