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He had the numbers. And then he lost them. Josh Canfield thought he had won the battle against adversary Jeremy on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. But then Jaclyn — feeling dissed and dismissed by the men in her alliance — jumped ship and brought her boyfriend with her. They then twisted the knife by voting Josh (who appeared to be one of the few people in that alliance not burping and farting) out of the game and onto Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to discuss where it all went wrong. And you can now hear the entire chat right here on the InsideTV Podcast.

Josh tells us how he went to great lengths to make Jaclyn feel valued in the alliance, but his fatal flaw may have been not keeping Alec, Wes, and Keith in check in terms of their treatment of the women, causing her to flip. He also explains how he got “screwed” by Julie quitting the game because Jeremy otherwise would have been voted out, which might have changed everything going forward. Plus, Josh explains the real reason he voted out John Rocker and what he thinks of the controversial baseball pitcher now after learning about his past comments on homosexuals, and also speaks to Baylor’s “juvenile” remarks about Josh not playing like a true Christian should in the game. You can hear the entire conversation by clicking on the audio player below. (The Josh interview begins at 36:45.)

But first, Sgt. Abraham Ford reports for duty as Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead explains all of those brutal flashbacks we saw on Sunday’s episode. Cudlitz also talks about his big sex scene and why he thinks there should be more of them! It’s a conversation all Walking Dead fans will want to check out.

Then, Brooklyn Nine-Nine funnyman Joe Lo Truglio calls in to chat about the hilarious Det. Boyle as well as his new show BEEF, which is basically a daytime courtroom show set in an Italian deli. We also talk about his landmark sketch comedy troupe The State, as well as the genius that is Role Models. Comedy! Lots and lots of comedy! (The Joe Lo Truglio interview begins 20 minutes in.)

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