Jennifer Lawrence
Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

David Letterman, as he’s done in the past, let Jennifer Lawrence go full J-Law on his show last night. They discussed her profane friend, colonics, a demon, and bowling. They even sang. (Horribly.) Then they walked off the set. Then she took to the host’s desk. It was a delightful mess.

Fans of Lawrence hijinks probably just want to watch the entire segment, since there are GIF-able moments throughout the entire thing, but perhaps the best place to start is when they start singing (or something-ing) their way through “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” imitating her childhood school performance.

Later, they start talking about the 7-10 split in bowling (because part of the Mockingjay — Part 1 trailer reminded Letterman of that). Lawrence, at one point, does a Chris Farley impression, and then because the clips of the trailer and the bowling aren’t easily accessible Lawrence and Letterman just take off.

When they finally return, it’s Lawrence who’s in charge.