This clip—the first featuring music from English producer Clark’s new self-titled LP—has everything: Psychotically titled beats, black and white 3D animation, oscillating impaled babies. “Winter Linn” is the music video Bill Hader’s iconic character Stefon sees in his nightmares.

Most of “Winter Linn” features a somewhat creepy assortment of objects—Easter Island’s moai statues, a double helix, a human heart, chomping vampire teeth, the aforementioned baby—as they spin and expand to Clark’s not-quite-club-ready tunes. Clark may have dropped after Halloween, but it’s filled with creepy, unnerving music.

Clark eventually introduces a warbling piano melody as the visual cuts to kissing marble angel statues and a gestating fetus. Stefon just woke up in a cold sweat.

Watch the video below.