By Samantha Highfill
Updated November 12, 2014 at 03:55 PM EST
Credit: J. Merritt/FilmMagic

From 2002 to 2005, The Osbournes was a mainstay of the reality television world, and now, the family is planning a comeback tour of sorts.

On The Talk, Sharon Osbourne announced that the show would be returning in a much shorter format. “It’s not as much coming back as a proper series, [but] as an update,” she said. “At most, there’ll be only six to eight episodes.”

According to Sharon, the new episodes will serve as a “catch-up” on the family’s life and where they are now. (Spoiler: The family has grown.) And as the real kicker: It turns out the idea was all Ozzy’s. Sharon remembered how he told her: “I wish we could’ve done The Osbournes now where I’m clean and sober.” His wish is reality TV’s command.

There’s no word yet on when the show will hit the air.