By Miles Raymer
Updated November 12, 2014 at 05:33 PM EST

Vinnie and Kyle, the two members of LA electronic group Phantoms (who both go by their first names alone), have funky, synth-heavy music in their blood. Vinnie’s dad was a rhythm guitarist who played in funk bands back in the ’60s, and Kyle’s uncle played keys for Michael Jackson.

The pair were formerly actors, “doing TV movie work and stuff like that,” Kyle says. “As a side project, we always wanted to make music together.”

“Originally we wanted to make this funk rock group,” Vinnie adds, “and eventually it formed into this electronic project because we fell in love with the genre.”

A string of remixes of songs by the likes of FKA Twigs and Arcade Fire has been building the band’s buzz over the past months, and they’re planning to release their first album in early 2015. Its lead single is “Broken Halo (feat. Nicholas Braun),” which they call the most pop-influenced song on an otherwise dance-oriented album. But it’s got a gloomy subtext lurking behind the hooks.

“We wanted to write something with kind of a good vibe,” Vinnie says, “but there’s sort of a darkness to the lyrics if you listen to them. It’s about a guy who’s kind of lost, sort of accepting his place in the world as, you know, not really ever finding love.”

The single comes with a video by Ace Norton, in which a bride with cold feet wilds out big time in Southern California’s Palm Desert. We have a first look here.

You can grab a free download of the track here.