Paper Kim Kardashian

Oh, Kim.

The Summer of Butts has now rolled into the Autumn of Bottoms as one Kim Kardashian West posed for the cover of Paper Magazine, with her behind trussed up with some sort of oil or perhaps vinaigrette dressing, as to resemble some shiny glazed donuts that happen to also break wind. The magazine decided to put a monumental effort upon themselves to “Break the Internet,” and recruited Kardashian West and French photographer Jean-Paul Goude to also recreate one of his seminal pieces of photography, the NSFW “Champagne Incident.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Kardashian West gave herself a pat on the back(side) for her considerable achievements in the realm of using the ass as a tray.

Obviously Kanye West had no problem with the photo.

Although Naya Rivera was NOT pleased.

And Twitter user @kelkulus wins the Internet.