Gigi Video

IFC has ordered a presentation of a series starring Numbe3rs‘s David Krumholtz as “Gigi,” a 72-year-old Jewish grandmother.

The series, which has the working title Gigi’s Bucket List, follows Gigi, who is from Boca Raton (obviously), as she pursues “everything she deprived herself of throughout her life after discovering millions in her dead husband’s bank account,” according to IFC. It will shoot this year and be considered as a series for 2015.

Gigi is not a new character for Krumholtz, who donned Gigi’s prosthetic makeup for the website “Weather From,” in which Gigi talks about the weather (and more). When VH1 asked Krumholtz if Gigi was an expert in anything other than weather he replied: “Probably sex. She’s a very sexual, promiscuous woman. As she says, she’s been there and done that. She’s even had sex in a child’s urinal. She’s done it all, seen it all and lived to tell the tale and she’s happy to brag about her sexual exploits.”

Curious? Well, here’s a video of Krumholtz doing Gigi from his YouTube page. Here she complains about “Mark Zucker-schmuck.”

In another, she croons.