Cameron Esposito
Credit: Mandee Johnson

Cameron Esposito broadcasts her jokes just about everywhere: She hosts two podcasts, has appeared on multiple TV shows including Chelsea Lately and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, tours frequently, and, most recently, released her second comedy album titled Same Sex Symbol.

Esposito’s comedy veers toward the confessional, with bits covering topics ranging from her sexuality to her appreciation of everyone’s differences. “I have a side mullet,” she says on Same Sex Symbol. “I look like most of Portland’s men.” The album came out Oct. 7 and has already peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s comedy chart.

For her EW playlist, Esposito put together a list of bits by comedians including Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani and Maria Bamford. Same Sex Symbol comes out on vinyl Dec. 2.

1. “Dildo Jog,” How Do I Land – Kurt Braunohler

“Kurt’s mix of personal stories and unrelenting creativity is perfectly exemplified by this album. Worth listening to just to understand the brilliance of the title, but also one of my favorite records of last year.”

2. “Stigma,” Ask Me About My New God – Maria Bamford

“Maria is a true artist and innovator—she’d been one of my favorite stand-ups for years and her work is only getting better. One of the hardest working comics, utterly gracious and utterly unique.”

3. Bits by Dave Ross and Jeff Wattenhofer, Holy F–k (our censoring, not theirs)

“A two-disc compilation album featuring some of L.A.’s top comics curated by Dave Ross and Jeff Wattenhoffer, who used to runner a killer live show of the same name.”

4. “How To Be Married,” This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux – Jackie Kashian

“Jackie is a pro—every set I’ve seen her do across a wide variety of cities and situations, she nails it. She makes me laugh my head off.”

5. “Buddhism, Feminism, and Math,” Small, Dork & Handsome – Myq Kaplan

“Myq is a one-liner guy who talks about feminism, open relationships, and being a vegan—it’s an unusual marriage since so often one-liner comics focus on a totally different sort of societal taboos. He’s doing super interesting work.”

6. “Breathe,” Dilation – Rory Scovel

“Rory is the sort of comic other comics leave the green room to come watch. Always innovative, always hilarious.”

7. “VCR,” Beta Male – Kumail Nanjiani

“Kumail has taken off as an actor in the past few years with stints on Portlandia, Silicon Valley, and more, but he’s also an amazing stand-up with such a honed and specific style and cadence and viewpoint.”

8. “The Longest Drink Order,” Sweet Beth – Beth Stelling

“Beth is dry and self-deprecating and wonderful. Her jokes are so well crafted they roll right off her tongue and into your ears. She’s dark and delightful.”

9. “Bitter,” I Wish I Was Bitter – Andy Kindler

“A legend for his State of the Industry address at the annual Just of Laughs Festival in Montreal, Andy builds jokes, destroys them, and then builds them back up again. He’s unbeatably quick.”