Big Bank Hank
Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Big Bank Hank, one-third of rap group The Sugarhill Gang, has died, according to Fox News. He was 57.

Born Henry Jackson, Big Bank Hank founded The Sugarhill Gang in the ’70s with Wonder Mike and Master Gee. In 1979, they released “Rapper’s Delight,” a track that made history by helping to popularize rap.While “Rapper’s Delight” has had a lasting effect on pop culture, the song itself didn’t take too much time to create: The 15-minute song was recorded in 20 minutes. In 1980, it peaked at No. 36 on Billboard’s pop chart.

Big Bank Hank claimed he was retiring from music in 1984 when The Sugarhill Gang broke up, but he ended up reuniting with the rest of the group to record Jump On It!, a kids’ album, in 1999.