In space, no one can hear you do anything, because there is no sound. There’s a scientific explanation for this—it’s complicated, it involves space molecules that feed on sonic waves, you wouldn’t understand it. Last year, Alfonso Cuaron’s critically acclaimed blockbuster Gravity honored the whole no-sound thing, keeping all audio effects inside of spaceships and helmets.

In place of outer-space sound effects, Gravity featured a high-energy score by Steven Price. That score won an Oscar, but it would seem that Cuaron is a stickler for High Nerd detail: According to The Film Stage, an upcoming special edition Blu-Ray Gravity set will feature a “Silent Space Version” of the movie, allowing you to “experience the film without music for a surprising cinematic experiment.” Said surprising cinematic experiment will remove Price’s score, allowing you to really luxuriate in the surround-sound glory of hearing Sandra Bullock scream “AAUGH!” for an hour and a half.

The new “Diamond Luxe Edition” of Gravity arrives in February. No word on when Marvel Studios is planning to release their special “Tree Language Version” of Guardians of the Galaxy, where everyone just says “I Am Groot” over and over and over and over.

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