By Miles Raymer
November 10, 2014 at 07:38 PM EST

Producer Hunter Morley and vocalist Jeremy Nutzman, the two Minneapolitans behind the experimental electronic group Pony Bwoy, cite contemporary R&B acts like The Weeknd and Warp Records-style IDM as their primary influences, but a better point of comparison might be early Ween. Like Gene and Dean in their early days, Morley and Nutzman deconstruct a genre into its tiniest constituent parts and reassembling it according to their own warped blueprints.

Their upcoming album när-kə, which they’ll self-release on Dec. 9, is a disorientingly fractured and woozily psychedelic spin on R&B that sounds like The Weeknd filtered through a prism of store-brand cough syrup. Get on their trip with the weirdly catchy slow jam “Creature Comforts.”

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