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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter after watching 2013’s Gravity to point out the film’s inaccuracies—and now he’s given Interstellar a similar evaluation.

Tyson posted a series of tweets Sunday evening that praised the use of science in the Christopher Nolan film: “In #Interstellar,” he began each tweet, “The producers knew exactly how, why, & when you’d achieve zero-G in space.” Although he tried to clarify some of the movie’s points, he pointed followers toward Kip Thorne, who was the film’s science advisor, for more information.

“If you didn’t understand the physics, try Kip Thorne’s highly readable [book] ‘The Science of Interstellar,'” he wrote. “If you didn’t understand the plot, there is no published book to help you.” Damn.

And as for the likelihood of Tyson pulling a Cooper? “They explore a planet near a Black Hole,” he wrote. “Personally, I’d stay as far the hell away from BlackHoles as I can.”

Tyson also went on CBS this morning to talk more about the film and mostly had nothing but good things to say about it—especially its portrayal of scientists. “Typically, when there’s a scientist, they’re like wire-haired, lab coat donning, and you don’t care if they’re in love or if they have kids,” Tyson said. “In Interstellar, full family relationships were explored.”

He made sure to specify that viewers should not look to him for trustworthy film opinions. “I don’t give opinions, I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not,” he said. “But as a scientist, as an educator, I feel duteous to share with people what science they could look for.”

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