American Made Summit
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty

Despite their much-publicized tension in the realm of artisan mustard and rustic table settings, Martha Stewart and Blake Lively were Damon-and-Affleck levels of chummy this past Saturday at Stewart’s American Made Summit.

Stewart invited Lively to speak at the annual event to tout Lively’s role as lifestyle curator/CEO of her online brand,, and despite some Stewart’s skepticism of Lively’s efforts in the past, it seemed that all was water under the bridge. Lively’s sunny demeanor and golden retriever-like tresses seemed to warm Stewart to the idea of that perhaps there could be two blondes in the game of lifestyle branding (but probably not three). Here are a few things we learned about the burgeoning friendship between the two lifestyle gurus, as well as Lively’s thoughts on her own empire.

They hang out. (Not lately, though).

Stewart revealed that Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are her neighbors and that the two share a mutual friend in their realtor. (How very Facebook.)

“I love it when Blake comes over to my house, and, uh, you haven’t been over in a while,” Stewart said.

“I know, you have to invite me!” Lively interjected.

Stewart could be a member of SAMCRO.

Again, after sharing the revelation that the two kind of hang out, Lively also noted that Stewart could ride a motorcycle, and that she was fine with Stewart being all up on her husband.

“When we met, Martha was like, ‘I know how to ride motorcycles. I’ll ride with you, Ryan,'” Lively said. “That’s the only woman who can creep up on my man that I’d be okay with.”

Stewart suggested making pottery for Preserve inspired by The Dude.

After Lively complimented Stewart on the tree-trunk-like pottery in her home, Stewart revealed that Jeff Bridges taught her how to make it. “He came on my show, Jeff Bridges the wonderful actor. Who knew that Jeff was throwing pottery?” Stewart said. “I was so pleased. Now when I find time, I’ll make some for Preserve.”

Lively doesn’t know how to knit a sock.

After being asked a slew of motherhood-related questions, Lively revealed that she isn’t able to put up knitted baby materials on Preserve because, well, she doesn’t know how to knit a baby bootie.

“I have to learn to knit. I started, but I only know how to knit a straight track, which doesn’t really get you too far,” Lively said. “That’s where the hot glue comes in, to shape it into booties. But nobody wants to wear hot-glue booties.”

Lively knows she’s new to this artisan ketchup game.

Preserve has gotten its share of flack for being well, Preserve. Lively acknowledged her role as ingenue in this crowded realm of actress/lifestyle branding guru, saying, “I’ve always been hungry for knowledge and for experience. For me, it’s really sharing my journey more than it is sharing my expertise—because I don’t have that much expertise, but I have an incredible amount of passion. Through that, I learn, and I’ve been lucky enough to have great teachers.”