HORNS Daniel Radcliffe
Credit: Doane Gregory

Former boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe returns (rather untriumphantly) to the realm of the supernatural in Horns, an overstuffed, half-baked thriller about a guy who, suspected of murdering his girlfriend (Juno Temple), wakes up with a set of gnarled devil horns sprouting from his forehead. The curse comes with the power to make the folks in his small town confess their darkest, sickest impulses to him, which is funny the first time it happens. After that, not so much. Adapted from a novel by Joe Hill and directed by horror stylist Alexandre Aja, Horns is easy on the eyes but never manages to find a tone and stick with it. It seems to have been made by people who couldn’t decide if their film was a horror flick, a whodunit, or a Hellboy knockoff. C

  • Movie
  • 120 minutes