The Watch What Happens Live host dishes about his famous friends in his cheeky new book, The Andy Cohen Diaries; we've done the math to see whom he texts/talks to/parties with the most—and Sarah Jessica Parker nabs the top spot

Sarah Jessica Parker 26 Mentions

Kelly Ripa 22 Mentions

Anderson Cooper 18 Mentions

Jimmy Fallon 12 Mentions

Diane Von Furstenberg 11 Mentions

Ellen Barkin 10 Mentions

Martha Stewart 9 Mentions

Matthew Broderick 9 Mentions

Cher 8 Mentions

John Mayer 8 Mentions

Allison Williams 7 Mentions

Jim Edmonds 7 Mentions

Lady Gaga 7 Mentions

Madonna 7 Mentions

Ralph Fiennes… 7 Mentions

Seth Meyers 7 Mentions