The ''Happy Endings'' alum, 33, testifies about USA's new legal comedy (Tuesdays, 10:30 p.m.), on which she plays a former corporate lawyer who is none too pleased to start over as a public defender

1. She Had Cold Feet (Foot?) All Season Long
”I had a broken ankle while filming the entire season, and I had to wear heels, so almost every scene where you don’t see my feet, I’m in Uggs. I even had ice around my ankle. From the waist down, on set I looked like a homeless person — a homeless person in really nice Uggs.”

2. There’s A Paper Trail Of Incriminating Evidence
”On every piece of paper in that bull-pen office, we would draw really inappropriate things and give it to the other person right before they yelled ‘Action!’ so that when the person looked down they would see — oh, I don’t know — a penis with a top hat on. I would make up songs to go with the pictures and then sing them. Oscar [Nuñez, her costar] would add to the pictures, or he’d come up with his own. We’re children.”

3. Jay Harrington Has A Bottomless Stomach
”[Costar] Jay eats during a lot of his scenes. It’s always timed out to lunchtime, and he ends up eating the actual sandwich. Jay and I could not be more different: I’m making smoothies for lunch, and he is eating anything that craft service or the props people are giving him. I’m like, ‘Don’t you want to, like, not eat it on every take?’ and he’s like, ‘No. It’s good. It’s lunchtime.’ He’s constantly eating. But then he just looks amazing. It’s not fair.”

4. She Wanted The Courtroom To Be Bra-Optional
”I hate wearing bras because they’re so uncomfortable, and I don’t really need to. So I was like, ‘I don’t think Nina should wear a bra. It would be great for ratings. Keep it cold in there, and it’ll be great!’ And [the wardrobe department was] like, ‘Ummm, I think we can’t do that.’ And I was like, ‘Lemme just show you!’ And they were like, ‘That’s not making it better. You’re giving a prime example as to why this would never work. You’re wearing a white shirt.’ I fought them on that, and it didn’t pan out in my favor. Although I will say there are a lot of scenes where I don’t wear one, because I just refuse. But I’ve got a jacket on.”

5. She’s Working On A BenchedMad Men Crossover
”We shoot right next to the Mad Men set, and we were coming back from location and we were all in the van. And Jon Hamm was walking across, and it was like all the girls turned into dudes and we were catcalling. I was like, ‘Double D! Don Drapes! Let’s do this! Don Draper and Nina need to have a scene!’ And the funny thing is he totally heard everything we said because the window was down on the driver’s side and we had no idea. He kinda smiled and then strutted his stuff a bit more. It was pretty great. I mean, when you’re Donnie Drapes, ya know you’re hot.”