House music’s been having a bit of a moment lately, thanks in part to the success of revivalist acts like Disclosure. But Berlin duo Booka Shade has been making house since well before those guys first got their hands on a copy of “On and On.”

In anticipation of their upcoming single “Line of Fire,” one half of the group, Arno Kammermeier, made us a playlist with an unexpected amount of rock ‘n’ roll on it.

Booka Shade plays the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival tonight.

KRAFTWERK: “Die Roboter”

You can hardly imagine German electronic music without Kraftwerk. Their influence is beyond comparison. When we recently heard that the band listened to our 2006 album Movements in their studio for sound reference reasons, it felt like a knightly accolade.

FOO FIGHTERS: “Pretender”

Easily one of the best rock songs ever written. I have it in our “warm up before the show” playlist, because the energy gets us into the right mood for showtime.

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: “Jubilee Street”

When it came out, this song made me a Nick Cave fan. It doesn’t happen too often nowadays that I have just one song on repeat for weeks and weeks. It’s magic.

GORGON CITY: “Ready For Your Love”

The up-and-coming UK dance act Gorgon City is having a great push at the moment. We just finished a remix for their next single. Watch out for it!


If you belong to the certainly very small number of people on earth who have NOT yet heard about us (and love us!), here’s a song of ours.

TEN WALLS: “Walking With Elephants”

For me (and for many others, considering the huge success of the track), this is the best dance track of 2014.
 The New York Times call it “Walking With Mandarines,” because of the slight resemblance to another club classic called “Mandarine Girl,” but hey–you judge for yourself!


Needless to say we’re huge Depeche Mode fans, hooked since 1983. In our career, we had the privilege to remix both the band and Dave Gahan, and we had the pleasure to play as support act for them in Berlin’s Olympia Stadion and in Tel Aviv.

CHIC: “Le Freak”

This was the first song I bought as a single when I was a kid. I wonder why, because I certainly didn’t know the band.
 But there obviously was something in the groove which inspired Walter and me to start producing dance music ourselves.

YELLO: “You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess”

Swiss electronic pioneers Yello have been a great inspiration in our youth. We collected the 12s of the album. Fabulous examples of early “extended mixes.”

JOHN CARPENTER: “Theme From Halloween”

A bit late for Halloween, but still a great inspiration. We love music for the moving image and have written soundtracks ourselves.

LANA DEL REY: “Ultraviolence (Crom & Thanh Remix)”

A great remix from our fellow berlin mates Crom & Thanh.