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Fans of Lifetime’s Witches of East End, based on the book series by Melissa de la Cruz, haven’t given up hope that they’ll see the Beauchamp family again after the network canceled the show Nov. 4. But if the online petitions and multiple hashtags don’t work to resurrect the drama—fans are mobilizing Nov. 6 to trend #RenewWitchesOfEastEnd from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.—de la Cruz might be able to ease the pain of those unresolved cliffhangers.

On July 14, Putnam will publish the first book in the YA spinoff series. Triple Moon: Summer on East End, set 10 years after Winds of Salem, introduces two new teen witches, Mardi and Molly Overbrook, the twin daughters of Troy Overbrook (Thor). They’re sent to live with their “Aunt” Ingrid Beauchamp in North Hampton, after they cause a terrible accident at their old high school. As Ingrid teaches them to control their magical impulses so the White Council won’t exile them to Limbo, the girls meet the younger Gardiner boys and spend the summer learning how to grow up, how to love, and how to be a family.

Since other characters from the Witches of East End book and TV series make appearances in Triple Moon, including Freya and Killian Gardiner, de la Cruz sees a unique opportunity. “I have asked producers if there is no hope for the show, if I can weave in some of the cliffhangers from season two so I can resolve them and bring closure,” she tells EW, emailing from a plane on her way to Yallfest to promote Heart of Dread: Stolen, the sequel to Frozen, out Nov. 18. “I have an idea on how to do it, but we’ll see. It’s a legal issue so it might not be able to fly.”

The fan response to the show’s cancellation has been “a great comfort,” she adds. “I have no idea if it will make a difference, but who knows? It’s amazing to hear from so many people who love the show.”

De la Cruz is also currently developing her historical fantasy book The Ring and the Crown into a TV show with Debra Fisher, who was a writer and producer on Witches of East End. “It’s another great show about four strong women in a magical world! It’s so much fun and so sexy!” she says.

Her Disney book, Isle of the Lost: A Descendants novel is out May 5, 2015, with a Disney Channel original movie to follow in August.

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