Life Aquatic Game

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou may not be the first film that comes to mind when considering movies to adapt into a video game, but someone went ahead and made it anyway.

While it’s not exactly a playable game, CineFix has transformed the film into a classic 8-bit game—think the original Super Mario Bros. Sure, their version, part of their “8-Bit Cinema” series, is a bit of a cheat, as it’s actually more of a 16-bit game. (The reasoning was to allow for a wider color palette.) Even so, CineFix‘s virtual take is still an impressive peek at what Bill Murray’s aquatic adventures might look like as a classic game.

Zissou’s hunt for the Jaguar shark looks appropriately gorgeous in all of its 2D, classic gaming style. The film’s main vessel, the R/V Belafonte,in its virtual form perfectly copies one of Anderson’s sets from the real world to a video game. The timing couldn’t have been better for fans of the director either, considering Anderson’s recently revealed wish to build a whimsical theme park. If he ever goes through with the project, CineFix‘s interpretation could be the first in the park’s arcade filled with games inspired by the director’s filmography.

CineFix has transformed plenty of other films into classic, Nintendo-style video games, and while movies like The Matrix and even Frozen fit the video game mold, there’s a good chance you would never expect The Shining to work so well in 8-bit form.

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  • 95 minutes