5th Grader

Fox is reviving its game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? — and host Jeff Foxworthy is once again along for the ride.

The series that pits adults against smart kids ran for two years on Fox starting in 2007, and then another two years in syndication. “I have loved this competition from our first show and the timing couldn’t be better for 5th Grader to return to Fox, as there is nothing like it on television,” said executive producer Marc Burnett. “Kids today are smarter than ever and the adults who try to take them on will have an even harder task ahead of them.”

The timing could not be better indeed: Fox’s big bold reality effort Utopia bombed this fall and was recently canceled, while another kid-centric reality show — Masterchef Junior — just returned to series-high ratings. There’s no premiere date yet for 5th Grader‘s return.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader shares so much DNA with the Fox brand that it feels only natural to return it to the schedule – it’s smart, witty, irreverent and it turns the adult/child power dynamic upside-down,” said Simon Andreae, Fox’s reality chief. “All of the core components of the classic format will be there, but we are also adding new twists that make it fresher and more fun for viewers.”

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