Brett Favre
Credit: Everett Collection

Though Brett Favre’s film career begins and ends with his cameo in There’s Something About Mary, he almost never even had that role.

The film’s directors, the Farrelly Brothers, appeared on the Rich Eisen Show earlier this week to discuss Favre’s cameo, and how they actually approached two other football players before landing on the quarterback.

Their first choice? New England Patriot Drew Bledsoe, but, as Peter Farrelly told Eisen, there was a small issue that prevented his appearance.

“He was a single guy, went out with his pals, they went to a club, he dove into a mosh pit and someone kind of tweaked their neck, nothing serious, but it was in the news,” Peter Farrelly said. “So he called us up and said, ‘I can’t come do your movie in Miami because if they find out I did a movie after that they’re going to run me out of town.'”

Bledsoe actually called into the show during the interview and said the decision was “one of my great regrets in life.” He went on to joke that “the movie would’ve had a successful run had I been in it. Had I taken that part instead of Brett, we’re talking Academy Awards and all those things.”

After Bledsoe came Steve Young, who turned the role down for religious reasons. Young, a mormon, called the brothers one day and, according to the directors, said “That’s the funniest script I’ve ever read. But I cannot do it, because if I do it, it’s R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids will be sneaking in and I wouldn’t feel good about that.”

And then, finally the two landed on Favre. He actually had no idea he was the third choice until appearing live via satellite on Eisen’s show. When asked if he knew, the former quarterback replied no and added with a smile, “If I’d known that, I would have never done it.”

Watch the full interview with the Farrellys below for more on how the cameo came to be.