By Miles Raymer
November 05, 2014 at 07:03 PM EST

The Paperhead is frequently grouped in with Nashville’s vigorous garage rock scene, but the band actually draws less from The Stones and The Seeds than it does from a period of the late ’60s and early ’70s where whimsical psychedelia and pastoral folk met up with rock’s push toward more sophisticated songwriting.

Their new Africa Avenue LP (out now on the buzzy Chicago label Trouble in Mind) is full of giddily tripped-out pop hooks and unexpected sharp turns that have made them one of the most talked-about rock bands of the moment. They just wrapped up their latest tour, and they’ve shared with EW a playlist of what they’ve been listening to in the van.

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1. Harry Nilsson – “All I Think About is You”

“This is like Harry Nilsson’s rebirth after a pretty dark period in his life and career. It is morning sunlight streaming through the window.”

2. La Düsseldorf – “White Overalls”

“No song has compelled me more than this one to get with a particular fashion. It is truly ‘new style in the city.'”

3. John Cale – “Barracuda”

“John Cale funking out with the two coolest guys from Roxy Music.”

4. Phil Cordell – “Red Lady”

“This song is like those strawberry hard candies with goo in the center. It’s a perfect slice of pop with awesome slide guitar.”

5. Bert Jansch – “Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning”

“Delicate English folk meets American pedal steel, courtesy of Mike Nesmith’s production.”

6. Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke and Sassafras”

“The best thing International Artists ever did?”

7. Kevin Ayers – “Margaret”

“Great, gooey wah with his classic buttery voice. Another portrait of a beautiful lady that succeeds in making me feel quite sad.”

8. Slapp Happy – “Just a Conversation”

“One of the most triumphant songs any of us has heard in a long time. A flowy Faust jam with catchy female vocals.”

9. Mike Nesmith – “Little Red Rider”

“Really groovy country with a great bass line hook.”

10. The Idle Race – “Hurry Up, John”

“Jig-psych at its finest!”