By Dalton Ross
Updated November 05, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched tonight’s episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.]

Nobody was voted out of Survivor: San Juan del Sur on Wednesday night. That’s because one person went ahead and quit just hours before Tribal Council and saved everyone the trouble (while in the process saving one person in the game for three days).

Missing her eliminated boyfriend (John Rocker) and caught by her newly merged tribe hiding trail mix in her bag, Julie decided she’d had enough and summoned host Jeff Probst to her beach to tell him she was done. She also claimed she was doing it because she was about to be voted out anyway, but that was phony baloney as it appeared Jeremy or Josh would have been the person eliminated by a vote. Basically, she couldn’t handle it — so when the going got tough, Julie got going.

This marks the third straight season (Blood vs. Water, Cagayan, San Juan del Sur) of Survivor in which someone has quit (and the season before those, Caramoan, featured one player, Shamar, who threatened to quit before an eye injury forced him out of the game, and another player, Brandon, who essentially kicked himself out of the game by tossing out the tribe’s food). People simply giving up has become a disturbing trend for the show. But while Jeremy lost Julie as an alliance member, it appears her quitting actually saved him from being voted out after Jon and Jaclyn switched allegiances to join Josh and Co. We’ll see if Jeremy can woo them back next week.

My full recap will be up later [UPDATE: Dalton’s recap is now live], but feel free to sound off on the episode now. You can also check out our pre-game interview with Julie and John in the video player below, and for more Survivor scoop you can follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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