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The latest look at the modern-day adaptation of Annie starring Quvenzhané Wallis, puts Wallis’ rendition of “Tomorrow” front and center. So good luck getting that out of your head.

Though this new version has a Sia song and emoji, Annie devotees will likely be pleased to find that the trailer also features a hallmark of the original musical: Annie reading her parents’ note to the other orphans, or in this case, foster kids. “Please take care of our baby,” Annie reads. “Her name’s Annie. There’s half a locket around her neck so when we come for her you know that she’s our girl.” Now, let’s hear Wallis’s take on “Maybe,” please.

This trailer cuts down on Cameron Diaz’s Miss Hannigan, playing up the relationship between Annie and Daddy Warbuc—sorry, Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx). Still no visible sign of the musical’s secondary villains, Rooster and Lily; however, there is a mention of possibly finding Annie’s parents.

Annie comes out Dec. 19.

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