Dc Comics Convergence
Credit: DC Comics

You can never get too comfortable in the DC Multiverse. Reality is as spotty as cell phone reception, and there’s no telling when a huge cataclysmic event—a Crisis, if you will— is going to breeze through like a hurricane, making a mess of things and entirely changing the history of all your favorite characters. DC’s much-ballyhooed New 52 reboot was the result of an event like this, which scrapped everything that came before to start again from square one. However, this left readers with lots of questions about which classic or pivotal stories had happened in this new landscape. They also had a number of problems regarding the fates of several beloved characters.

In classic DC fashion, the publisher is going to answer these concerns with another grand, sweeping, Multiverse-changing event.

On Monday night, DC Entertainment announced Convergence, its next big event for the summer of 2015. According to USA Today, the story will kick off with a main Convergence miniseries that will begin with Convergence #0 in April and continue for nine weeks. The story? Braniac has been collecting cities from from lost timelines and planets, and decides it would be fun to bring them all together to a new planet outside of time and space to see what would happen. Meanwhile, a new threat will emerge, the mysterious Telos.

During Convergence, the rest of DC’s comics will go on hiatus for two months, to be replaced with 40 two-issue spinoffs, each exploring the stories of the characters that Braniac has hoarded away in domes. (Presumably, this would include characters that have been missing from The New 52, like Donna Troy, or the pre-52 versions of DC characters).

You read that right: 80 comics, not counting the nine-week series, which will make for 89 individual issues. Granted, it sounds like the publisher is going for breadth here, presenting a multifaceted event designed to appeal to a wide array of readers—but the number of books is huge even by the standards of today’s big, sprawling event comics. What’s more, Convergence will be hitting stands at the same time as Marvel’s mysterious Summer 2015 event, which also seems to be about multiple universes and other fun bits of quantum physics.

Comic books are inherently, compulsively attracted to storytelling concepts that don’t make a lick of sense.

Convergence #0 will be co-written by Jeff King and Dan Jurgens, with art by Ethan Van Sciver. Convergence #1-8 will be written by Jeff King with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia.

Next year’s going to be an interesting one.