By Teresa Jue
October 31, 2014 at 04:24 PM EDT
Roger Kisby/Getty

Fourteen years ago on Halloween, Willow Smith was born, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Smith released a three-song EP, aptly titled 3.

3 is a departure from the pop sound of “Whip My Hair,” highlighting Smith’s segue into more mellow, less whiplash-inducing vocals. The EP includes the numerically title tracks “8,” “9” (for which she did a duet with SZA), and “Flowers.” Smith also released an additional track, “Cares,” at midnight.

Smith wrote on Facebook, “I am emitting a frequency of love in this EP—of change, of freedom. Earth is moving into a beautiful and cyclical transformation that all of us are physically and emotionally moving onto. Let’s lift ourselves into this new frequency together in light and love. Hope you all enjoy. #threeEp Google Play”

Take a listen at Smith’s “Cares” below, which gives off some serious chillwave vibes.

3 is available for download for free on Google Play.