Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Earlier this month, fans of ABC’s Mistresses were delighted when they heard that the show had been picked up—then shocked to learn that Alyssa Milano would not be returning to the series. (Milano chose not to move with the show when it relocated to Vancouver move because of her family.)

When EW caught up with Milano this week to discuss her role on Project Runway All Stars, we also asked for any updates on Mistresses season 3. “I don’t know what is happening with that—I just know that I am not going back,” she said. “I don’t know how they’re going to wrap it up.”

Just as season 2 was ending, Milano’s character, Savi, was about to learn that her ex-husband and her sister were maybe starting an affair. It was complicated—as complicated as it’d be to wrap up her storyline altogether. “They’re either going to need me to come, or they’re going to jump-cut it,” Milano said.

Milano said she would be willing to finish up the storyline if it filmed in LA, but only if it had a script written in a way that she felt did her character justice—which would be hard to do quickly. “I don’t think coming back for one episode is really going to do that storyline much justice,” Milano told EW. “Okay, so she’s going to see them, and then she’s going to go off and disappear? Like, she’s going to kill herself? I don’t see how one episode is going to wrap that up… It’s a tricky thing for them.”