By Teresa Jue
October 31, 2014 at 05:58 PM EDT
Raphael Dias/Getty

Miley Cyrus has moved on to the newest dance craze du jour: the Nae Nae.

According to Billboard, Cyrus went on the Australian morning show Sunrise when the oft-touched upon subject of twerking came up. Cyrus brushed aside twerking, saying “Some people are living in the past,” then got up to showcase her version of the Nae Nae.

Below, watch Cyrus’ version of the Nae Nae. (It starts at about 6:39.)

However, the creators of the Nae Nae—hip hop group We Are Toonz—told TMZ that while they are glad that Cyrus is popularizing the dance that they created, she isn’t doing it the right way, saying, “That Nae Nae though…”

According to Billboard’s interview with group member Cal Lamar, the loose-kicking, drop-it-kind-of-low dance was based on Martin Lawrence’s Sheneneh Jenkins character from his titular comedy, Martin, that largely describes a girl who is “dancing kind of funny ” in the club. Watch the creators of the Nae Nae show how it’s really done, in their viral music video, “Drop That NaeNae.”