By Dan Snierson
Updated October 30, 2014 at 05:16 PM EDT

Last week, EW told you that Party Down South was about to go through a form of reality show mitosis, in that the CMT series that chronicles the exploits of a bunch of loud-n-proud-n-drunk twentysomething Southerners would launch a second edition next month. (The original cast, by the way, resurfaces for a third season of Party Down South in February.)

This week, we give you your first look at Party Down South 2—also from the producers of Jersey Shore!—and the eight monsters of mayhem that will take Biloxi, Miss., by storm. The exclusive sneak-peek trailer below offers up two-and-a-half minutes of yelling, twerking, kicking, punching, slip-n-sliding, watermelon-crushing, toilet-tumbling, drink-hoisting, kissing, crying, hugging, chugging, muddin’, and a host of other activities that these kids will probably regret in the morning. As self-described ladies’ man Bradley notes: “When you get this many rednecks together, s— can go sour real quick.”

But don’t worry, there are a few sweet, affirming moments too, like when Ashton, a preacher’s daughter, praises drama stirrer Raven: “You have the most powerful vagina I have ever seen!”

Get ready to preview season one of Party Down South 2 and say three Hail Marys.