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Whether you loved or hated it, Arrested Development‘s fourth season was a departure for the show, telling its story out of sequence as each episode focused on a single character’s perspective. Sometimes it worked (i.e., Maeby’s episode) and sometimes it didn’t (some of George Sr. or Lindsay’s episodes), but it appears fans will now have a chance to watch the show in a brand-new way.

In an interview with Pretentious Film Majors, series creator Mitch Hurwitz discussed a current project he has undertaken for season four. Hurwitz is currently editing the Netflix-only season, which released last year, in a way that will have the season’s events all play out in sequence.

“Right now I’m cutting a version of season four that tells it chronologically,” Hurwitz said. The creator did not reveal whether this will be for a new version on Netflix or for the show’s DVD release.

Hurwitz also discusses the show’s growth from a small webisode idea to what it became on Netflix, and offered some hint for the future of the show, which lines up with previous statements he’s made. No concrete plans have been made—a decision on that is out of his hands, Hurwitz says—but he certainly wants to keep the Bluth family alive.

“There’s more of a story that has to be told somehow, and we’ve got the whole story broken,” Hurwitz said. “Season four was always meant to be like act one of a three-act structure.”

A request for comment from Netflix about Hurwitz’s current project was not immediately responded to.

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