Jason Reitman
Credit: Dale Robinette

Hot on the heels of Men, Women and Children, Jason Reitman’s taking on the dysfunctional family dynamic again as Hulu announced that it will be going straight to series on 10 episodes of Reitman’s half-hour, single-camera comedy, Casual.

Casual tells the story of a bachelor brother and a newly-divorced sister cohabitating in the same home. They raise a teenager together while egging each other on the in dating world. Reitman is set to direct the pilot. In a co-venture with Lionsgate TV and Reitman’s Right of Way Films, Casual will be executive produced by Reitman, series writer Zander Lehmann, and production partner Helen Estabrook.

“I’ve long looked for the right first step into episodic storytelling,” said Reitman, in a statement. “In Zander Lehmann, I have found the perfect collaborator. His writing is hilarious and provocative.”

Casual is set to begin production this year and is expected to premiere in 2015.