By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated October 30, 2014 at 06:40 PM EDT
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Another Call of Duty, another live-action trailer to accompany its debut. Every year, publisher Activision puts together a star-studded trailer to promote one of its biggest franchises, and this year, they’ve enlisted a Dillon Panther to help.

In anticipation of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Taylor Kitsch stars in a new trailer that shows off the franchise’s step into near-future warfare. Set in a first-person view, the viewer-as-soldier fights alongside Kitsch as he maunevers through a war zone in Lagos in 2059. Along the way, he runs into a mirage played by Gone Girl‘s Emily Ratajkowski, and on more than one occasion is almost blown up by some futuristic weaponry.

The trailer is also a mini-Friday Night Lights reunion of sorts, as Peter Berg, who developed the television series, directed the trailer.

Activision has made a habit of these trailers over the years–the promotional campaign behind Call of Duty: Ghosts last year included Megan Fox and—more importantly for fans of Community‘s Fat Neil—Charley Koontz cameos. The releases of other Call of Duty games have brought Robert Downey Jr. and Jonah Hill into the trailers as well.

The trailer is certainly more tonally aligned with the game’s multiplayer component, as the series has traditionally stuck with more serious-minded war stories than any of these trailers would indicate. Players are unlikely to encounter an Emily Ratajkowski-as-goat mirage as they fight against Kevin Spacey in Advanced Warfare when it releases on Nov. 4.

If you do, it seems the franchise has taken a very strange turn.


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