By Teresa Jue
Updated October 29, 2014 at 02:11 PM EDT
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It has been 10 years to this day that a little film known as Saw came into the public’s consciousness, unleashing a torture porn franchise that no one knew they wanted.

On this tenth anniversary of Saw, Screen Junkies released one of their signature Honest Trailers for the film, and when the movie is Saw, there’s plenty of subject matter (and plenty of gross depictions of brain matter) to poke fun at. The trailer highlights everything from the the film’s porn-like production values to the use of the puppet-as-villain, calling Saw “a great idea for a student short film that somehow got stretched into six feature length sequels, two video games, and one super-fun roller coaster.”

Watch the trailer below, which describes the first installment of the franchise as “When two strangers wake up in your typical Taco Bell bathroom.” (A precaution for the curious but queasy: There are a lot of blurred-out shots of blood and guts. Somehow, the blur makes it more disturbing.)


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  • R
  • 100 minutes
  • James Wan