Syfy has renewed Ghost Hunters for a tenth season. The cable channel’s longest-running non-wrestling series just received a pickup for another 13 episodes to air next year, along with a renewal for a fourth round of Paranormal Witness.

“We couldn’t be more excited about entering a brand new decade of paranormal investigations with Jason Hawes, a refreshed TAPS team and Ghost Hunters,” said Heather Olander, SVP, alternative series development and production for Syfy. “We also eagerly anticipate the return of a revitalized and scarier than ever Paranormal Witness: True Terror, which features shocking firsthand accounts of truly frightening and skin-crawling supernatural experiences—including the real-life story of the hit movie, The Conjuring.”

The show has been rather phenomenal at generating reliable ratings for the network, though admittedly far less phenomenal at proving the existence of ghosts. The reality franchise has also generated three spin-offs over the years and plenty of imitators. Though no longer as strong as its peak years when it was averaging 3 million viewers, the current ninth season of Ghost Hunters is still pulling 1.7 million total viewers, 841,000 viewers in adults 18-49. For more on Syfy, read EW‘s deep-dive Q&A with the network’s head of programming about their rather promising new drama series in the works.