By Dan Snierson
Updated October 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Jake may still be haunted by his feelings for Amy, but it looks like he’s about to scare up a romantic adventure with a new woman. (Sorry. Halloween. It’s in two days.)

Nine days after Halloween, on the Nov. 9 episode of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Eva Longoria will kick off a three-episode arc, playing a defense attorney named Sophia who draws the interest of Jake (Andy Samberg). The hitch? She’s representing a client that Jake would like to put behind bars. “Jake meets his match with Sophia—she’s a whip-smart lawyer who some people might possibly consider to be attractive,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor quips to EW. “There is sexual tension between the two characters, but there is also the reality that cops and defense attorneys hate each other. The question is: Will Jake sleep with the enemy?”

Ponder that while you check out Exhibit A: exclusive photos, as seen above and below, from Longoria’s first two episodes.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC
Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

“Despite the fact that Sophia is a defense attorney—a natural enemy of the police—she poses a potential romantic complication for Jake,” Goor told EW earlier this fall.

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