Batman V Superman Bat PSA

Members of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice team aren’t just preoccupied with the travails of a man who dresses as a bat, they are also concerned about the well-being of real live bats who are being threatened by white-nose syndrome. In a PSA Ben Affleck (a.k.a. Batfleck), Amy Adams, and director Zack Snyder extol the virtues of the species and their benefits to the ecosystem. Adams even amends her stance on their creepiness. “They have a lot of personality, actually,” she explains while holding a bat. “They’re quite charming.”

The PSA includes footage of people building and painting bat houses from material which Snyder explains was recycled from the Batman v Superman set. “As a movie that benefits from the bat we thought we are going to build these bat habitats as a way to raise awareness and just generally let’s learn about bats and know how they benefit us because they are really important,” Snyder says.

The PSA includes with Affleck encouraging viewers to go to “There’s a place to go to learn more about this and hopefully to contribute some effort toward preserving this important, valiant, knight of a species for now and years to come,” he says.