By Esther Zuckerman
October 27, 2014 at 01:56 PM EDT

Not only is the first song on Taylor Swift’s 1989 titled “Welcome to New York,” but now Swift is responsible for actually welcoming people to the city: Swift has been named NYC & Company’s “Global Welcome Ambassador.” 

NYC & Company is the city’s “official marketing, tourism and partnership organization,” and it has enlisted newly minted New Yorker Swift to serve as an inviting presence for outsiders. In a series of videos on—scored, naturally, by “Welcome to New York”—Swift explains how New York influenced her album, what she likes about the city, and how New Yorkers are actually not that scary. “People will help you if you ask for help,” she says in one. “Trust me, I’ve done it.”

She also extols the virtues of New York’s lattes. “There are a lot of things in New York that make me really really happy. Having a good cup of coffee or a good latte is really important to me. No one does it better than New York,” she says in one video.

The best video involves Swift defining New York vocabulary terms including, “bodega,” “Houston Street,” and “stoop.” She speaks truth: “Bodegas are our friends.”

Breaking news: @taylorswift13 is our Global Welcome Ambassador! #WelcomeToNewYork!

— nycgo (@nycgo) October 27, 2014