By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated October 27, 2014 at 09:52 PM EDT
Credit: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection

Still waiting for an owl from Hogwarts? Well, a London hotel is now offering the next best thing to actually sleeping in Gryffindor tower, but it’ll cost you about $400.

The Gregorian House hotel in London has altered two of its rooms to appear like Hogwarts sleeping quarters, complete with four-poster beds, cauldrons, and “unexpected wizardly details”—which hopefully does not include a copy of the The Monster Book of Monsters sitting on the shelves.

Several options are offered as part of the “Harry Potter package” to make it suitable for new and returning fans. Guests can choose one night for two people to simply stay in the room, which costs £249.00 or about $400. Another variation offers a two-day, one-night stay in the Wizard Chambers, with an included Muggle tour of the nearby The Making of Harry Potter tour, which comes in at a little over $580, or £363. The package comes in a timely fashion, as the tour has opened up a new permanent installation, the Dark Arts Tour.

Both options include a full Muggle (read: English) breakfast and walking tour. The studio tour option also includes transportation on a specially designed Harry Potter tour bus, which is hopefully less stressful than a ride on the Knight Bus.